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Conversion of a PCS High Power Module to 13cm Amateur Radio Band by DL4MEA

But take care!

There are three versions of the HPA, which can easily differed when you check for the power module beeing used. You have to open the tin plated box which covers the amplfier:

GSM: Valvo/Phillips BGY915
DCS: Motorola MHW1815

PCS: Motorola MHW1915

I already convered successfully a PCS-HPA to 13cm. I tried to convert a GSM-HPA to 23cm but it failed.

After the conversion the Mitsubishi-Module will not be used, simply the output transisor. There are simply a small piece of copper foil 20mm x 10mm and a small piece of self-adhesive teflon or capton foil needed.

Technical data after modifikation:

Frequency 2320MHz
Power Consumtion: 5V/500mA
Output Power: 1W in -> 9W out
5W in -> 40W out

Due to lack of drive power I was unable to check for the maximum output power.

Conversion Notes:


Power Supply Connector:

With regulating the 5V supply you can set the idle current in the easiest way.

MA/COM PHI1920-60 Datasheet (60k)

Two more pictures: (click on them to get them on high resolution)

Total view

Power Amplifier view (354k)


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