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50MHz 10mW handy transceiver by JF1OZL

One day on the 50MHz SSB-QSO, my friends JE3TXU/1 (Mr.Haraguchi) sad to me that he made 50MHz very small transceiver. I said to him that he shall inform about it on the Japanease CQ magazine. You can see about it on the book.
Then I had made some shoulder type sized transceiver. But I had never made handy. Therefore I decided to make it.
See the photo! This rig is made by a surface mount construction. All transistor and resistor is made by surface mount chips. So this is very small. But as you can see on the photo , many wires run on the surface of the print board. My younger brother said to me that it looks like noodle(RA-MEN). So I gave up to show it on the ham fair handmade booth.
Circuit of it is similar as it of 50MHz 2W TRX. So I will show you only the circuit. About explanation, please read it.
In order to make a beautiful handy transceiver, it is more important that " to spare the wire connections " than " to spare the circuits". You know?HIHI !!

 Download the schematic

Original documentation and schematic: http://www.intio.or.jp/jf10zl/index.html

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